Sunday, April 27, 2008

Funeral in Philadelphia

GREAT VIRGINIA (as Ginny liked to call her great-grandmother) passed away on April 18 in the early morning. She was Chris' grandmother that our first daughter was named after. 4 days later we were on a plane to Philadelphia to help put the funeral together, meet with lots of people, and mourn with other family and friends. She was a sweet woman that has been in poor health for quite some time. It was a quick 4 day trip. My grandparents in Beaver, UT came to Price to take care of Asher during that time. He would have had a hard time with the rush of it all and the lack of entertainment. My very brave 6 1/2 year old daughter gave the opening prayer at the funeral in behalf of the remarkable woman she was named after. She did a great job!

While we were there, we spent some time with my brother KC and his family. He has just finished dental school at Temple University and it was quite the timing that we were able to go back there one more time before they moved somewhere back West again. Our last night there, Chris and I and our kids, KC and his family, and Chris' brother Charlie and his family all drove down to Southern Philly to go to the famous Geno's for the real deal in Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwhiches. It's like the Grey's Papaya of New York! Note for any of you future goers... If you want your sandwhich with cheese wiz, you order it "Wiz wit". I know, WEIRD!


LUCY had to come first in this entry because she is so stinken cute in her big brimmed sun hat.

GOBLIN VALLEY!!! Here we are at an amazing state park in Utah. They call it Goblin Valley because it really looks like you're on another planet like Mars or something. We were there with some friends on Friday, April 18. Ginny enjoyed lizard hunting, Asher enjoyed exploring at full speed, and Lucy enjoyed sitting in the dirt and playing. I guess everyone found something satisfying in this interesting atmosphere.

CHRIS, GINNY, and ASHER triumphantly made it to the top of this hill. I really used the zoom on this one so, it's hard to tell how big this hill really was. It was DANG BIG!!! Nonetheless, everyone slept well that night.

GINNY spent 20 minutes carefully stocking this poor LIZARD and who'da thought she would catch it! She was so proud that she shared her triumph with many strangers nearby. The most impressive part about it was that the 8 year old boy and 4 year old boy that were with her would not even touch it. That's my girl!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008



Well, I have many people pushing me that I need to start a blog! I decided that I should probably update myself a little in the modern world and eventhough I'm not as technological as the rest of them...what the heck! I mean, I am the last person in America that hasn't done one of these right? My lay-out will be nothing spectacular. It's the postings that matter though right? If I keep telling myself that, maybe I won't be so insecure by my lack of creativity. Well, I guess I should get started by introducing my family (although most of you who view this probably already know them).

CHRIS, the total CHEESE of my MACARONI! We have been married for 8 years now. WOW! It's been a wonderful marriage followed by much adventure. It's pretty much me following him around. First, we were in Las Cruces, NM while he got his Bachelors at NMSU, followed by his Masters at MSU (Montana State University), followed by his first job as a Wildlife Habitat Biologist in Vernal, UT, and then being promoted in August of 2006 to be a manager in this same field, but for the SE region of the state and that required us to move to a small town called Price, UT. So far, we've been very happy here. Can you believe I'm a small town chick now? Anyway, Chris is a true mountain man. He loves the outdoorsy stuff.

GINNY is 6 1/2 years old and what a sweet joy in our lives. A wonderful daughter and big sister to her brother and sister. She has loved Kindergarten and sad that it's almost over. It makes me she sad because she has just such an intellectual mind that needs to be fed knowledge all the time OR is she just extremely bored at home with her mom! What a sweet girl. She lOVES Disneyland and she LOVES our dog Belle.

ASHER is 4 years old and a sweet addition to our family as well. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 years and 10 months old. He is non-verbal and very busy. He keeps our whole family constantly on our toes, but he has the best smile in the world and LOVES to give loves. He has a true love for TRUCKS! Any kind. Big, small, medium....doesn't matter. A challenge and a beautiful blessing all in one! We wouldn't give him back for anything.

LUCY will be 2 in July. She is last, but definitely not least. She is a very chatty little girl that LOVES Teletubbies (Blah and a half!). I've tried to introduce any other kind of TV show and she is not impressed. I worry one day she'll be kidnapped because there is not a shy bone in this child's body. She waves and says "hi" to EVERYONE!!!! Recently at the airport she plopped herself on two different men's laps. I have to keep a close watch because she's comfortable with everyone.

CARLY, that's me! I am enjoying my life as a wife and a mother. I won't go into detail of my daily schedule because it gets quite repetetive. I'll give you a hint, it usually involves diaper changing, baths, running after children, spray n wash, and lots of tickling. It's a joy and I wouldn't give it up. A true challenge, but a very rewarding job.