Thursday, July 31, 2008

They Drive Me Crazy.....Yet I Love Them!

Let me just give you a preview of what I mean by the title:

GINNY First off, my daughter Ginny absolutely LOVED our trip to Lagoon back at the beginning of the month. She talks about it constantly. The rides, the fun, the food, etc... I guess she was running out of things to talk about relating to it.

This morning: "Mom, how many times did I go to the bathroom while we were at Lagoon?" Why would I remember that?!!!

ASHER Later in the day, I catch Asher in the fridge eating mini M&Ms. I pull him out and shut the fridge door. A few minutes later I catch him in the pantry eating rainbow sprinkles. So, I try to be a good mom and decide to make some caramel apples for him and put those things on them for him. I get out the caramel and start melting it. He can't keep his hands off the caramel. Loves eating it. I get out the different candies he likes for rolling the apples in once they are caramel dipped. He can't keep his hands off the candy. I dip the apples and roll them in the M&Ms and sprinkles. I then let them set for a while. You think he would be thrilled. After it sets, I cut one apple up into slices for him to eat them. What does he do? HE EATS THE APPLE PART AND LEAVES THE CANDY-COATED SKIN!!!!!!!

LUCY Lastly, I don't read very often and this is why... My friend gave me a book to read today called, "A Long Way From Chicago" for book club this month. I was on page 1. Lucy came in the room saying, "book! book!" over and over until I read her "Good Night Moon". I read it once and she wanted me to read it two more times. After that, she said "done". I think, "okay, now back to my book". I then started reading page 2. Lucy came running in the room once again saying, "book! book!" I then had to read "Happy Baby Colors" to her. After we finished that one, I put her down and tried to start reading my book again. She again takes off to where all the books are again. It was then I threw my hands in the air and decided that reading was a bad idea.

If you are wondering, all 3 of these pictures are when they were each 9 months old. That's when they all looked the most alike before they each got older and took on more of their own identities. All crazy kids, but I love 'em!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yep, that would be me! I am a terrible person I feel sometimes. I have done so much since my last entry, but did I take a camera with me on my family's many excursions? Of course!! Does that mean that I actually used it? NO!!!!! Entries are always funner when there are pictures to go with it, but unfortunately, this will be a pictureless update. Sorry! Well, since my last posting, we have been on a few great adventures. First, on July 1, Chris and I and our three children went on a fun family trip to Lagoon in Farmington, UT. We had such a great time! Chris and I loved it and the kids did too. There was something there for everyone. It was one stinken' hot day. Luckily they have a few water rides to accomodate the heat. It's hard walking around an amusement park wearing socks and shoes that are sloshy though. Ginny is becoming quite adventurous and was willing to do more thrilling things. Her favorite ride is a roller coaster called "Spider". It's actually fun and quite crazy! It's a wild roller coaster that is spinning in any which direction while you are on a crazy track. Two thrills in one and Ginny couldn't get enough of it. Anyway, that was fun. Asher and Lucy loved the kid area and especially loved the merry-go-round. It was fun to see those two giggle so much through the day.

Then, the kids and I were off on a Henderson trip from July 7-13. That was a lot of fun because we stayed with my parents and met my sister from Elko, NV there with her 6 children. We spent the whole week in the pool......LITERALLY! It was so hot that water was the only thing constantly on all our minds. My project goal for the week was to get my oldest Ginny to where she could swim on her own. My sister had the same agenda for her daughter that is the same age and by the end of the week, I guess you could say that we had a few little Mermaids (as the girls liked to be called) swimming acrossed that pool. Asher also loved the water, but liked to either pace on the steps or hold onto a float ring while spinning in circles. Lucy liked the water a little. She's such a priss. She likes to dip her feet a bit and then walk around the outside of the pool. She feels she's very brave if she gets her upper legs wet. I can't leave out that I had one girl's night out with my dear highschool friends Holly Hutchings (Bidwell) and Sara Russell (Frehner). We had so much fun munching at Macayos and then after getting kicked out of there for being there too late, we talked for atleast another hour in the parking lot. I guess the city danger was worth our jabber. It was fabulous and I had so much fun. By the end of the week, my brother KC, wife Lynnette and their two boys came up from Flagstaff, AZ and spent the weekend with us. I love being with family. I just wish it could happen more often. We missed Kip, Pamela, and their four children. Of course, I missed my hubbie! He spent that whole week working his tail off driving all over Utah state to different habitat project sights. Thanks for letting me go hun!

Since we've been home, Chris' parents have come to visit, and even his brother Tyler and wife Maren came to Price for a while during their trip to the US from their home in S. Africa! Chris' oldest brother also flew over from Boston, MA. Everyone is so spread out, but I appreciate everyone making the time to see one another. It was fun to see everyone's slides from their big trips. Chris' parents just got back from China and showed us all their slides from that big adventure. They brought me and my girls back some beautiful pearls as well. Nothing to complain about that.

Tomorrow, we are on our way to Ogden, UT to wish Chris' youngest brother Kelly a "Bon Voyage" as he gets ready to prepare for a month in Washington DC with the AF before heading over to do 6 months service in Afghanistan. We are so proud of him and his willingness to serve and also think his newly wife Cassi (as of March) is an amazing supporter as she sees him off and awaits his safe return. So, lots has been going on. Hopefully I'll be better about pictures in the future. Mental note to self....."Take the dang camera and actually use it!"