Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween and Ginny's Baptism

October 31st was both the day that Ginny was baptized and also the day the fun Trick-or-Treating hunt happened. There were many people who came for the special day. My parents came up from Henderson, Chris' parents flew up from Las Cruces, NM, and my brother KC and his family drove down from Ogden. Ginny had a wonderful baptism at 10:00am. That evening we did our fun door to door hunt for candy! Ginny was the Statue of Liberty for Halloween and even won an award at her school for one of the best "Home-made Costumes". Asher was a monkey and Lucy was Max from her favorite TV show, Max and Ruby. My older nephew, Zach was Superman and my younger nephew, Miles was Bob the Builder. I really don't think the day could have been more perfect. Thanks to all the family who came and all the friends who supported Ginny on her special day!

Asher (the monkey), Miles (Bob the Builder), Zach (Superman), Ginny (Statue of Liberty), and Lucy (Max from Max and Ruby).

Daddy and Ginny right before her Baptism.

Ginny with her pretty roses that Grandpa and Grandma Wood gave her.

Ginny with Gramp and Grandma Wilkins

Ginny with Grandpa and Grandma Wood

Ginny with her Family