Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Fun

Asher's school for people with disabilities have summer programs. They don't do them for preschool age children, but our Ward Bishop is also the Principal at the school and invited Asher and I to go with the school to Hoggle Zoo in Salt Lake City on the bus last week. I also thought Asher deserved a big treat after having to be put to sleep the day before to get 8 cavities in his mouth filled! It's not often that Asher and I have our time together with just the two of us. We had a great time and I learned there that Asher LOVES Apes!

Poor, Poor Zach! May he rest in peace. Ginny wanted to raise tadpoles into frogs. Well, we ordered 3 tadpoles and the first 2 died the first few weeks we had them, but this one (whom Ginny named "Zach") died right before he had completed the entire cycle of becoming a frog. We don't know what happened. He was swimming and crawling around in the morning and by the afternoon he was floating around lifeless. We burried him in the backyard a few days ago.
We spend a lot of time in the backyard this summer. The kids LOVE to sit in their little pool, do slip and slide, jump on a wet trampoline while I spray them, or run through sprinklers. I guess you could say they find water to be very refreshing in this summer heat!
Here is my 1/2 time terror 1/2 time sweetie! Lucy loves to be outside. All day long she'll chase me around the house holding her sandals saying, "outside". If I say "ok", she gets very excited. If I say "no", then she protests as loudly as possible and our day is ruined. You have to love her determination and drive. Even if it hurts my ears sometimes.

Asher, my little fish!! I'm not kidding. There is nothing in this world he loves more than water. I don't know how he survives during the fall and winter because cold water showering him in the summer heat just makes his life complete! A weird twist.... he HATES showers in the house. He only likes to bathe in the home. It's so fun to watch how giggly this kid gets.

My little curly Princess Ginny! Lately she has wanted me to put sponge curlers in her hair after her evening bath. She wakes up with the tightest curls you've ever seen. Luckily they loosen throughout the day, but she just thinks that the curlier her hair is, the prettier. What a cute priss! Her main passion for the summer is riding her big lady bug bike. She truly has mastered riding without training wheels.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lucy's First Joke

So, I was getting Lucy ready for bed last night. She is just over 22 months old. The routine is to change her diaper, put on her pjs, get her a sippy cup full of water, brush her teeth, and then go into her room to tuck her into bed. Well, right after I brushed her teeth, I reminded her that it was time for bed. She crouched down to the floor of the bathroom and then laid her head on the step stool we keep in there and then she said, "bed". She had the most proud grin on her face. I could just imagine what was going through her head, "Wow! How clever and hillarious I am!" So, her joke was that the step stool was her bed. It was fun to see that there is a little jokester in her.