Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sorry....Things are Boring

I haven't posted anything in a while.....maybe that has something to do with the fact that my life is very uneventful! In a good way, though. It seems like there is always so much going on that it's nice to feel like life is temporarily dull and boring. I love adventure, but for the sake of financial issues we can take a break now and then. We are even sticking around here for all of the upcoming holidays. We did cheat and headed away over night to Moab last week. Chris' work paid for the whole thing, so we couldn't complain. Chris reserved a motel that had a big slide that curves around in about 2 circles into a very warm pool. We then walked down the main road that night and went out to eat. Beautiful evenings there and I love tourist shops! It was a fun family outing.

Anywho, let's see. Well, my oldest child turned 7 on the 15th. Can you believe that I'm the mother of a 7 year old? My life is seriously flashing right before my eyes. Things are going so fast. Unfortunately the one thing that has slowed way down is my METABOLISM!!! I hate that it's not like my childhood anymore where you can eat everything and anything and be fine. Now, I take a bite of a candybar and my thighs grow two inches in circumference! Back to more important things. My daughter had a Hannah Montana birthday party. The girls all received "pop star make-overs". They all got there nails polished, make-up done, and pink hair streaks (all courtesy of me...hehe). I think she had a great birthday. Now, I have another birthday coming up on the 20th of November for my sweet Asher. He will be turning 5!

Blowing out her candles on her cake covered in Hannah Montana guitar suckers. After she blew them out, she panicked because she realized she had forgotten to make a wish. So, I just lit one up again so she could make her wish and blow it out again. She's so funny!

This is her whole clan that she invited to her birthday. They were quite the silly bunch and I think they all had a great time.

If you remember back a few entries ago when I mentioned how Lucy (my 2 year old) stuck a remote into the microwave and turned it on. Well, we had episode number 2! This time, she thought it would be a great experiment to see what happens when you put a CD into a toaster and cook it. We now know it makes a horrible smell and requires the whole toaster to be replaced. I wouldn't have ever known that had she not been so helpful in teaching me! (sarcasm)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Here is a recent photo of our family taken about a month ago. I know I haven't posted pics in a while, but our computer is not being as stubborn all of a sudden.

Here is my silly Ginny posing cute in her slightly large glasses!

Asher and Lucy having fun on a tire swing with their cousins. Too bad you can only see the back of Lucy's head, but I love Asher's smile in this one!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My House is Still Standing!

Lately my 2 year old Lucy has been showing interest in the microwave. She usually just opens and closes the door over and over again. Well, I guess this was me not seeing the dramatic scene forth coming quick enough. I am in the next room and all of a sudden I hear the microwave turn on. Well, I am one to always think worse case scenario (ex: yesterday I was in the front yard talking to a friend for just a minute and the whole time I had in the back of my head that Lucy is choking on her quesadilla in the house and I'm not in there to rescue her and she's going to die. Then I run in the house to see that she's still eating her food). I think panicing just comes with the territory of motherhood. Not to get too far from my story. Anyway, I did the panic thing and started to think if she put something in the microwave that could possibly be hazerdous. I run into the kitchen as fast as I can to all of a sudden seeing through the microwave screen that something is zapping and flashing light. I hurry and turn off the microwave. Lucy had put two glitter pens AND A REMOTE into our microwave. Yes, the remote also had batteries in it. They only heated for about 5 seconds before I got to it. It filled my kitchen with smoke and the most disgusting smell. Yes, the remote and glitter pens are history. So, I guess it's okay to think worse case scenario sometimes because you never know what children are capable of or when they will put themselves in danger and if you're not there quick enough....! I don't know if she was in any real danger like getting electricuted or causing my house to catch fire, but like I said.... I THINK WORSE CASE SCENARIO ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!