Monday, November 3, 2008

Potty Training Help Please!!!

So.... I potty trained Ginny right before she turned 2. I tried to get her to go on the potty all day. She finally peed and liked the sound of it hitting the water so much....she was potty trained! So, I had her taken care of very quickly. Asher is about to be 5. He is still not potty trained, but it's common for it to take a very long time for autistic children. The average child with autism is 6 or 7. I hope it's sooner than that, but who knows. Anyway, here I am with Lucy who turned 2 in July. I have tried over and over about 10 different times in the past 4 months. So, she is finally understanding how to poop on the potty. The child will not pee! I have tried so many times. She'll even drink tons of pop, start to pee in her pants, I'll throw her on the potty. She does an incredible keegle and will hold it for a half hour. I finally let her off the potty and as soon as she's off, she'll walk down the hall a little bit and pee right on my floor! So, what am I doing wrong? Why will she go anywhere, but on the actual potty? I have yet to ever get her to pee on a potty! Anybody have any good tips on potty training? My first child was way too easy. This is my first real attempt at it. HELP!!!!!

And to be completely random, my friend Natalie did a 4th/4th on her blog. It's where you get into your picture file on your computer. You go to your 4th picture file you've ever put on your computer and then you go to your 4th picture in that file, post it, and then explain about it.

This is a picture of Ginny and I when she was 7 months old. We are on our way upto Bozeman, MT to live for two and a half years. On our South to North moving excursion, when we first got into some beautiful trees of Montana, we got out to walk around for a minute and admire the beautiful scenery. This is May, 2002. This picture makes me miss Montana a lot!!!


Kyle and Janell said...

Sorry, no help on the potty training thing from me. Kirsten is almost 3 and has absolutely no interest in going on the potty. Whenever someone invents a surefire way to potty train, I'm sure they'll make a million!

I like the birthday party pictures. Jannika had a fun time!

Preece Family! said...

try pouring warm water over her "ya ya" while she sits on the potty... sometimes the sensation of the warm water will make them pee.

Sara said...

With Madison the only thing that worked was staying home for a couple of days and she ran around naked...I know that sounds weird, but it was what worked for her! She knew she wasn't wearing anything and it seemed to make her want to go "empty herself" on the toilet.LOL. Potty Training sucks. I'm going to start soon w/Luke...I wish I could pay someone to do it for me:)

Holly said...

I love that picture. Montana is so pretty.

Well, I have no advice for you except to let her be until she wants to do it. Once my kids decide they will do it, they are awesome. When I tried to push it, they fought me tooth and nail.

If you are training Lucy, then I have to start with Nathan. Ahhh!

Catherine said...

I say amen to your friend Sara--staying at home for a few days and the naked thing works good and then you aren't having to mess with taking off and putting back on underwear over and over again. I have said more than once that potty training is soo stinkin hard!I wish you luck girl!--check out my updated blog.

Gibson Family said...

I've only potty trained Isaac and he was a breeze. I'm scared to start the process with Ava in the next few months but I know I need to. Anytime she goes poop in her diaper she immediatly pulls her diaper off. It's horrible! Your picture with Ginny is so cute! It looks beautiful in Montana!